Hartman Executive Advisors: An Independent IT Leadership and Advisory Firm

Who We Provide Outsourced IT Service To

Hartman Executive Advisors is honored to have worked with clients in a variety of industries which include:

CIO Services

Hartman’s highly experienced CIOs provide on-demand, just-in-time IT leadership on a part time basis to ensure that your technology strategy and investments fit the unique needs of your business. We fill the gaps in your technology expertise to promote innovation and excellent service, and make your business processes run smoothly.

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CISO Advisory Services

Managing and protecting against data security risk is one of today’s top executive dilemmas, and an enterprise-wide issue that expands beyond the reach of IT professionals. With data breaches making front page news, leaders must ensure they have an effective information security program in place to protect their assets, achieve compliance and avoid public scrutiny. When executives need strategic guidance from independent advisors, Hartman delivers business insight on cyber strategies, risk mitigation and policies.

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IT Strategy Assessment

Unlike many technology assessments, Hartman offers an independent strategic IT assessment that helps you avoid shortsighted, costly technology purchases. Our unbiased business-focused IT experts identify gaps and opportunities to grow your business, meet your long-term goals and put you ahead of the competition.

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Software Assessment

Hartman’s unbiased software assessment is designed to define your business needs and identify opportunities to maximize current software or validate the need for new software. Our proprietary software selection methodology has benefited hundreds of companies by helping them select the right software solutions for their situation. We’ll help you make informed decisions that pay off in streamlined operations and a better bottom line.

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Process Improvement

To keep up and excel in today’s fast changing business environment, it is essential to continuously improve the way work is done. Hartman will help you analyze your current process and identify opportunities to develop rapid, lasting improvements in business performance. Integrating the right technology into your business processes will streamline and standardize how you operate, increasing employee performance, while lowering costs.

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Strategic Planning

Many mid-market companies struggle to integrate the advances in technology with their overall strategic plan. This creates a significant gap that widens daily as technology continues to evolve. Our experienced IT and business advisors can lead your executive team in a strategic planning process that aligns technology with your business goals to make your business more nimble and accelerate growth.

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Business Intelligence

Too often, companies are drowning in meaningless data. Our IT experts analyze your key business metrics and help you develop a reporting or business intelligence solution system that collects and analyzes the data you need, when you need it, so you can take timely action.

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IT Team Building

At Hartman Executive Advisors, we don’t replace your team, we strengthen it. Many companies have IT operating in a silo, often having little interaction with other departments until there is a problem. We help you build and retain an IT culture that aligns with the rest of your business by evaluating staff expertise, hiring top talent, and providing ongoing IT training and development.

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IT Due Diligence

Our expert business and IT advisors help you evaluate the risks and rewards of mergers and acquisitions from the IT perspective. IT due diligence is designed to qualify the value and impact that current IT systems have on an organization. Hartman Executive Advisors will create a technology plan to smoothly integrate the merging companies’ IT systems , facilitating the transition, reducing risk and planning for the needs of the new entity.

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